WATCH: women steal new lawn


“Grassed on me he did,” I said morosely.


All I can offer is that some people suck at life. Someone works hard to afford new sod, which isn’t cheap, to make their home nicer and these women steal it as soon as it is put down. Insurance likely won’t cover the loss of the sod since it’s not part of the home’s structure. Just terrible people. Things like this chip away at my optimism and hope for the people around me not being awful people as soon as my back is turned.


This was done in one of those kitchen sink Ken Loach-type films in the last 10-15 years. Damned if I can remember the title though.

Finding it hard to be sympathetic, as people who use sod in the first place tend to be assholes. Sod rests at the pinnacle of the everything-consumable, instant-gratification culture. Planting seeds and waiting for them to grow? Bah! For the birds! LAWN NOW PLZ.

When I was at university the school was in the middle of a massive construction project: dirt, dust, the usual. Was like that for over a year. Then some big trustee event comes around, and almost overnight there’s fresh sod everywhere. Weekend’s over, and all the sod is gone, back to dirt and gravel. And they wonder why I’m never going to donate.

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The camera does a lot of panning and zooming to follow the women, which would mean it was recorded live by someone holding a camera. So why didn’t this person call the police right then and there, or watch where the women were taking the sod, or get their license plate number if they were loading it into a car? Something isn’t right with this story.


Just like people who use microwaves, Assholes!


Oh you will when you see the new sod. It’s beautiful.


And don’t even get me started on “the wheel”! Back in my day we walked everywhere! And we liked it!


I am pretty sure it has been filmed from a screen to highlight the interesting bits.

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[Raining Stones, 1993, Ken Loach][1]

[1]: Set in Lancashire, even.

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Sod it all!

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The circumstances certainly are unusual. First, of course, stealing sod Is pretty strange. But you also don’t usually see gangs of what appear to be middle aged women stealing. And who wears white pants to a sod heist? Was this a crime of opportunity? Revenge? I’m guessing the latter.

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How hard is it to grow grass from seed in f’ing England?

They even steal the same patch of sod twice (0:44 and 1:13). Incredible.

When arrested they women said “But the owner told us to sod off.”


I was surprised they didn’t seem to be getting dirty at all.

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Oh, it’s easy enough to plant grass seed. But taking care of the sheep is a pain in the arse.


Finding it hard to be sympathetic, as people who use computers in the first place tend to be shites.

You never see any narsty snarking comments up on the inter-tubes what weren’t put there by somebody with a computer … or worse, a “smart” phone or a bloody tablet. Like it’s too fookin’ hard to remember to tell some bloke off in person at the pub, later.


For the sheep, anyway.

But we’re talking about England, not Wales.

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