WATCH: women steal new lawn


I’m trying to figure out how this comment appeared so quickly, since I’m assuming it was written out in longhand and submitted via postal service.


Hm. It’s still theft.


No. It’s usually the older ones.



Reminds me of the chains around the base of bushes in the mini front gardens in the West Village (Greenwich Village NYC).


“Police have no leads” except for the person who filmed this for 10 minutes so he’d have a nice video instead of stopping a crime.
At some point it crosses the line into complicity. If I was the victim, and I knew about this video, I’d sue him in civil court,


I told them no one rides for free.


If you look closely, the person filming wasn’t filming the incident live, they’re filming a playback on a monitor. The video on the monitor is stationary (fixed CCTV) and someone filmed that playback on a phone.


Makes sense, but then I wonder, how does the camera move to follow the thieves?


Ugh. Pan and Scan. That’s the real crime here.

Couldn’t they just release the widescreen version?


“Stealing sod in daytime wearing white pants”

The British have such an awesome sense of humor!


Many years ago a fraternity did the same. Hilariously, the grass they stole was exceedingly rare so the police quickly caught wind.

This is back when police were awesome, so they made a couple phone calls to let people know that they’d be starting the investigation the next day if the lawn wasn’t back.

No cost to the city, no criminal charges, no grief, the kids put the lawn back.


He’s recording it off his screen, panning from one corner of the screen to another. You can see the timestamp come into frame whenever he pans up to the lawn, and disappearing when he pans to follow the second woman.


Fun with Dick and Jane is one movie that comes to mind.


It is written like someone who has never watered their lawn every day for weeks only to not have grass grow.


Hey, who filmed this and didn’t like stroll downstairs and get a license number.


I love how the woman appears to be tip-toeing down the sidewalk. Pro-tip: If you want to go for full ridiculousness, you also need a sack with a big “$” on it and an outfit like the Hamburglar wears.


Pull your car up to the side. Why are you schlepping all those turves half a block down the road? Dumb criminals.


I was thinking about those outfits when I saw this recent bb feature:


I think you meant to post this in huffing bb :slight_smile: