This seed starting kit is perfect for kitchen window herb growers

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Am I the only one that thought “herb” referred to something other than kitchen herbs?


Not for transplanting, but we have one of these little babies, a basic “aero garden” set up:

And grow herbs all winter/spring until the garden is producing again. It’s great. You have to buy proprietary pods, but I’ve had some success using rock wool in little cages and my own seeds, too.

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Where is one to plant catnip? like really. most people grow it because they have cats.
my inside cats would kill it. the outside cats kill it. then go after the mint plants.

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Good question! We tried planting “cat grass” one year in a big indoor window planter, but the big guy just loved to lie on it like a lawn. :joy:
Did not go well for the grass.

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Great to put into sun tea as well. Tasty!


It’s in the mint family- which typically means hard to kill and likely invasive if you’re not careful. I have it growing well in two locations in the garden, both sunny and shady spots. If you have good light and enough space, it may manage inside.

Oh, yeah, we have a great patch in the herb garden. I think @selector was asking about growing it indoors. Apparently, their cats are more into it than mine. Mine only seem to like it once it’s dried, so no problems here.
Here’s the little non-druggie:


My mistake.

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