This smart sonic toothbrush packs 40,000 strokes per minute

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Yes, all well and good, but how do you smoke pot with it?
Perhaps I’m misunderstanding a non drug-related article…


Wait, you mean it doesn’t come with CBD toothpaste? :thinking:



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Timers on electric toothbrushes are nothing new. Sonicare’s been doing it for ages. And everything now charges on a USB, although why you need one in the bathroom… maybe charge your cell phone?

maybe you’d make more money if you’d tell me in the ad whether a specific product will BLEND


They didn’t say it was new, they just said it was an “innovation”, and it is! Just not thiers :slight_smile:
As to USB, I’d be tempted if I didn’t know how wet my electric tooth brushes sometimes get - there’s a reason why mine all charge inductively rather than with exposed electrical contacts.

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Does it open locks too?


40,000 strokes per minute

Even at my very best I could never stroke that many…

What were we talking about?

To those fearful of being ‘found out’ when having your luggage checked by the TSA, note that sonic toothbrushes are actually stealth vibrators.

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Maybe not in this case. 667 Hz seems a bit too high a frequency for the application, unless numbing is the intent. :thinking:

Gonna need an RCT to be sure, though…


As someone with over 20 patents in the area of medical ultrasonics closely related to this type of motion and frequency, I call bullshit. This technology traces its root back to devices for drilling holes in teeth. For the motion to be large enough to have any serious effect, you risk damage to teeth and gums. But the brush itself would melt before then unless it is made of rather strong (and expensive) metal.

Clinical studies show ultrasonic toothbrushes to sometimes be less effective than regular brushing. Now there is an effect with ultrasonic descalers that preferentially kills gram negative bacteria. But that’s at the higher amplitudes again.

Save your money and get a regular electric toothbrush and start flossing.

Edit: I read the frequency wrong. Sorry.


This toothbrush only claims to be “sonic” and at 667Hz, that sounds about right, totally in the range of human hearing and not ultrasonic. Possibly just as lacking in efficacy as the kind you are talking about, though.

Funny how much money we will spend and work we humans will go to try to get out of flossing.

Doh! I read that as 40,000 strokes per second. My bad. 40 kHz is near the frequency I’ve spent much of my professional career designing vibrating structures, so my brain made a very bad assumption. 667 Hz will put between 3 & 4 orders of magnitude less stress on the structure for a given amplitude. Plastic can work again, and/or you can get amplitudes that will actually work.

I’d still be dubious for the need to scrub your teeth 667 times a second. If you have such nasty plaque that a few dozen swipes of a brush doesn’t get it, you may have a serious problem.


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