Save $45 on this wireless charging sonic toothbrush kit

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So much more goth/metal/industrial than my white one.

Seriously though, if you haven’t upgraded to one of these you are missing out.

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For that price I expect a sonic screwdriver.

At least you should be able to swap out the brush head for a wart sander attachment.

attach a lockpicking pin sweeper to the toothbrush, and this would make for quick lock picking.

And two weeks ago I spent $90 on a new electric toothbrush at target. WTF BB

All of these things are a major ripoff, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

I’m sure sonic toothbrushes are wonderful and very healthful. But the actual units are a major ripoff.

Uh. So you think I can’t sarcastically bust BB’s chops for not posting this two weeks sooner so I could have gotten “the same rip off” for half the price?

Go fuck yourself.

Edit: I’ll add that I put more weight into my dentist’s direction to use an electric sonic brush than rando internet person. Do whatever the fuck you want with your teeth, save your “advice”.

Such hostility. If you can’t be bothered to do basic research when you make a purpose, that’s not my fault, nor BB’s. And if the original was a sarcastic joke, why are you so angry now? I’ll concede the joke was funny and my response was more accusatorial than necessary, but none of it warrants that kind of anger.

FWIW while doing research for this response, I found a more Primary site selling this unit with more heads for considerably less money. I’m actually tempted to get it now.

It’s still a ripoff, as replacement heads are not available, but it comes with enough heads to make the average cost not unreasonable.

You make an accusation all remark and follow it up with another one. Again go fuck yourself.

It’s not hostility it’s putting a tr-oll in their place. I have zero desire to engage woth you further. Leave me the fuck alone.

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