Boing boing post about getting an electric toothbrush from the dentist

A few years ago my 90 year old mother came out of an appointment at her dentist’s office with a bluetooth-enabled electric toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, and a packet of dental floss in a branded bag (whatevver the brand was) for the extra cost of $110 that she was persuaded to purchase.

I took that bag right back into the office and told them off for taking advantage of an old woman, which for her age, had perfect teeth.


I agree with your gripes about dentists upselling. The dental industry sometimes feels like just a half step above the used car and mattress industries.

That said, the price (for the BB shop brush) is pretty good for an electric toothbrush, even if the claims of being 3x better than “legacy” electric toothbrushes (obviously referring to Oral B) and of automatically flossing while you brush are obviously complete hooey. And it is black, which makes it cool.

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