This smart trash can will incinerate your waste before scheduling a pickup

I am known to make mistakes from time to time!

George Santos has entered the chat


I’ve definitely done this joke before, buuuuut…

When’s it going to be available on the BoingBoing Shop?


you can’t make money with these “services” unless you externalize the cost somehow. you’ve either got to pollute massively, exploit workers, or avoid government safety regulations

you’re only a wall street darling though if you manage a trifecta


I thought at first it was going to be for security—like, if you think you’re a VIP or a celebrity or a criminal, and you expect fans or the FBI to be going through your trash.

Internet enabled dumpster fires.

The future is wonderful.

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$33 a month isn’t chicken feed!


Kitchen Sized Dumpster Fire. Hmmm? Not a good band name.

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