New kitchen appliance turns food waste into fertilizer in 24 hours


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FoodCycler Platinum Composting Machine

So? I can turn food in to fertilizer in 18!


Perfect, now you can offer to hang in someones kitchen for $1000 - but you’ll have to eat all of the food scraps…


A thousand dollars and all the leftovers I can eat? Deal!


this is the second or third non-sarcastic comment of yours, isn’t it?


This is great…it depends on a Keurig style ‘activation pack’.

Just get a ice chest and compost in that in the yard or the deck. Throw some yeast in there or some rid-x…give it a stir occasionally.


That was my thought, but it doesn’t actually. The packs are optional, and not DRMed. So you can substitute your own coconut husk composting concoction.


Was going to snark, but it seems cool if you have extremely limited or no yard space. And a lot of money.


But where do I get the coconuts?


A separate $1,000 Whirlpool coconut processor? Dunno.


18 hours seems awfully long. Do you come in a 30 minute “Taco Bell” model?


Pay, food and a place to stay. I’d be a fool to taint that with sarcasm.

Would you ask Michelangelo to rush painting the Sistine Chapel?


How do you feel about moldering cucumbers?


Sounds like you may be talking about the Trump Cabinet.


I’d hoped with proper installation painted ceilings really wouldn’t be something to worry about. You do come clearly marked for correct orientation, right? I’d hate to guess wrong.


Yes. But these will eventually become fertilizer, and fertilizer is actually useful.


True, the Trump Cabinet will likely be embalmed, if they aren’t already.


A subscription model with an environmentally-friendly delivery system is in order.


serious inquiry…

is creating an expensive device that uses resources to manufacture, takes “packs” to start each batch, uses electricity, etc., really helping the environment by doing something that happens anyway.

composting is easy and there are many free ways to do it.

i seriously wonder about all these “green” devices.

i’m the kind of person who if i ever saw one in real life would walk into the other room and say:
“your new composting toilet works great, but there isn’t much privacy in the kitchen!”


It would be a lot greener and cheaper to dump the 8 pounds a week that this thing can process in a municipal composting collection bin. I’m kind of wondering who the niche for this is. Someone who gardens just enough to want compost, but not enough to want to get their hands dirty with compost, and has plenty of money and kitchen space to spare. Seems like a pretty narrow niche.