This solar-powered device will keep you connected during an emergency

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I have a different make. The rechargeable battery has lost its capacity and I broke some teeth off the plastic gears (cranking too hard). Fortunately it also takes AA cells.

Does it have a femtocell for internet?

I have the same one badged “NOAA” that is in our “BoB” or Bug out Bag.
Waiting for the Big One to use.

That’s an improvement over the model that I have. Mine won’t charge external devices from the battery/solar, just from the crank, and that takes forever.

I see the same problem here as with solar yard lights: the place you want the light (sound) is not the place you want to collect the solar energy.

For a three day emergency, plain old batteries. For a two week emergency, rechargeable batteries with a standalone solar recharger unit, so you can be listening indoors at the same time your batteries are charging, outdoors.

But these systems aren’t being sold to be used, they’re being sold to be socked away and forgotten.


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