This South African man set the record for one-handed backflips

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A few years ago some high school cheerleader found out that the world record for regular backflips was ridiculously low (for a world record) and broke it easily, then someone else broke it again. The previous world record was so low that about any collegiate gymnast could have set the world record. One-handed backflips, however, are not something you see every day, and it looks a lot more fatiguing.

I wonder if he switched hands after 25 or so, whether he could have gone to 50? Though that is probably a separate category.

Laudable goals.

I’m curious about the terminology. Wouldn’t these be one handed backsprings? I thought a flip was with no hands.

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Looks painful down the road once old age sets in… amazing feat as it is.

My grand physical feat of the day was getting to the gym for a workout.


Yes, getting to the Gym can be quite a work out for most even if they drive there.


[quote=“Rusty_Blazenhoff, post:1, topic:104311”]He wrote Guinness in his application, “I want the government to build us a training centre so our local children can have a place to learn and progress their tumbling.”[/quote]On the one hand, it’s a lot easier to get started with gymnastics when you’re young. On the other hand, for the same amount of money you might be able to get a lot more children to make practical cardiovascular exercise a regular part of their lives.

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He could walk in a straight line after that? I get dizzy and stumble after spinning day daughter around 3 times.

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