Watch gymnast perform incredible backflip from a seated position


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That music is so awful. The guy did something too, right?


You can tell he’s still trying to nail the landing…


Meanwhile, at Shaolin Temple 300 years ago…


That seems like it would be extremely stessful and possibly damaging to the knees and ankle joints.

But, one the other hand, this is superhero level fitness, therefore awesome.


Is it bad that I was disappointed he didn’t stick it? I’m surprised how fast I went from “That’s insane!” to “pu-shaw… always a step”.

BTW, for the record, I too am not the other gymnast who can do this.


I was doing this just the other day. Unfortunately, my iphone was out of film.


I can do this, too. Except for the flipping part at the end.


Better than Transcendental Meditation’s “levitation” (“yogic flying”).



Side topic here, i’m still quite impressed that anyone can do backflips at all.

I seem to have some sort of mental block on being upsidedown full stop, i’ve tried many times but freak out every single time, i absolutely cannot handle it at all for some reason and just shut down if it ever happens. Even slightly freaked out in a hospital once when they tilted the bed a fair bit. :open_mouth:


Now that I can do!


That was awesome! I can’t even do a no-hands kip-up any more.


Me either. Used to could. Can’t no mo. But I can eat this whole hamburger, and this one and that one, and drink all of that over there, watch.


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