Watch this amazing standing double backflip


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It’s super impressive and world-class! But naysayers will still quibble with the “standing” start.


I love that it was filmed in shorts in a grassy back yard on a sunny day. The way all backflip challenges should.


Oh sure, but how many necks did he have to break first?


I’m jealous, all I can do is a single back flop.


Esteemed tricker Nick Fry lands his first amazing standing double backflip.

Not shown: Esteemed trickster Nick Fry botches his standing double backflip for the zillionth time.

Also very important that it be performed with no shirt, for some reason.


@HMSGoose @Jorpho

Roundoff to full layout backflip, also filmed in a grassy backyard, also with no shirt, and with 100% more swagger. Hold my beer dude.



I don’t know how you practice this. Do you just wear a neck brace preemptively the first 50 times?


Here you go! It’s no longer a “making of” video; we now take “journeys”.


And here I thought this guy was going to faceplant.


I like this guy better.


Once he hears this, he’ll go back to good ol’ fashioned “making of” vids.


The importance of full commitment can’t be overstated.


Speaks to the poisonous snake inspired origins for such back flips.



Bboy Gravity did this much cleaner in a breaking battle earlier this year.

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