These amazing dunk videos shot inside Target stores are total jaw-droppers


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That is really amazing. I wonder how many times he racked himself before he cleared the first time?


This should be a new Olympic sport.


With a Fosbury flop, this kid would be unstoppable (might require the use of a display of beanie babies…)


I’m guessing he chose his friend exclusively for the crotch-padding hair style.


I initially read this as “drunk” videos. I was thinking he looked awfully agile and coordinated for being intoxicated.


I did the same thing. Even when I re-read it.



Funny, but got me thinking. That’s still quite a dunk.


Well it’s easier in a target-rich environment.


The most impressive thing for me is how perfect the camera shot was set up. They had to do that a lotta times to get the pan right I bet.


first time i watched it i thought the person with the hair was a blind person with a cane and that they were just like WTF just happened… :sunglasses:


yeah, but how’d he convince his friend? if he didn’t pull off the jump he’d either be dragging his balls across the top of his head and his butt down his face, or slamming his junk into the back of his head and toppling on top of him.


Big props for the supernatural jumping ability, but my current knees are weeping for his future knees.


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