Watch this college basketball player's Oscar-worthy fake flop after he's "fouled"


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This flop is so fake it almost makes Republican outrage look legitimate… almost.


I think we just found tRump’s newest cabinet member: Secretary of Keepin’ It Real.


1/10 did not commit. should have laid there twitching


So, I don’t know much at all about the sportballs, but shouldn’t something like this be a career-ending move? Or is expecting people to act like honest adults unreasonable?


He’s being wasted playing basketball. I anticipate a glorious career for him in FIFA.


Oddly enough, there is no penalty for faking injury or over-dramatically falling down. If there were, soccer (football, if you prefer) would be a very different game. The closest thing I know of to a penalty is in NCAA football (American college/university football or gridiron, if you prefer) : when play is stopped for a player who is injured or slow to get up, they must sit out the next play. Not sure if the NFL has the same rule, but I expect they do.


I don’t like to wish harm on anyone, but I would have chuckled if he had injured his knee while performing the flop.


At this point? Yeah, probably.


If basketball doesn’t pan out for him, he has a marketable talent in the international soccer/football scene.


For me all the phony drama on fouls adds to the fun of the game. It’s a performative art on the court.

I take the view that sports are entertainment and find it refreshing that fake aggression on the court is now a thing.

Maybe that’s why it’s so popular in soccer?


Is it just me, or for the split second before he does his flop, his face contorts with rage?

edit: on repeated rewatching, that’s more like a lot of eyebrow lift.


Oh, it’s on. Futball better step up it’s game.

I would pay (some) money for some kind of a fake-sports-injury-and-or-foul improv-night-type competition. See who fakes the most dramatic injury.


…or “Pro Wrestling.”


No, it’s not even close to career ending. It makes him look bad, a little, to those who care, but flops happen all the time.


These giant guys are so easy to knock over.



It made ESPN SportsCenter’s Not Top Ten


Nah, they usually make it look believable.


So, not Weebles, you’re saying.