This speaker looks like the '50s but sounds like the future

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Did it truly sell out in 20 minutes?

No DAB+? I mean, FM is okay, but nowadays I only listen to radio on DAB+ thanks to the choice of stations.

But it’s easy for me to claim these grapes are sour, I live in Bavaria and not the USA. Other broadcast choices, and you guys won’t ship to me anyways. :radio: :face_with_monocle:

I guess they only had one on stock, and are surprised someone actually bought it.


Sounds like the future… What’s on the hourly news?

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Not to worry - Amazon has it for $130 US. (JK: other random sites have it for less)

We had this same post about a month ago, and I stll say it looks like a smiling pickle!


It looks like a '50s electric heater.


I’m in Norway (where we have more or less closed the FM network), so yeah, DAB+ is sort of a requirement. Then again, I prefer my sound gear to look more … 1980’s Japanese aluminium. :slight_smile:


i love the look of it to pieces, but it’s too rich for my blood right now.

The name is just marketing genius…I think.


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