Win a guitar

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Discount code doesn’t work :confounded:

Will fix it!

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Please try again. Rafael has made sure it is working!

So sorry, and thank you.

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Well, hell. This concept worked rather well for Dr. Brian May and he is still playing his!


That lime green electric loog with the lipstick pickup is just screeeeeaming Danelectro. Which is a good thing.

One japhroaig seal of approval


Good taste in guitar!

My Loog.


That’s a nice lookin’ axe :smiley:

This guy is just a reproduction, but during the eighties and early nineties when danelectros/silvertones were super unfashionable you could pick them up cheap.

I am chuffed to see they are back in style again, and those pickups are hot.


I loved checking out Danelectro’s with the lipstick pickups set to rotate on a whammy-like bar, in hollywood used guitar shops back in the 80s and 90s. There were tons of them and I always loved the sound.



Ah man neat, i sent an email to enter for the giveaway, i’m not expecting to win but you never know (:

As an aside i’d love to see these as a 4 string guitar, but as is they look really well made.

Hey Jason, super interested in loogs since you all first started covering them. Is there a publicized date for when the discount code expires?

I will ask! I really enjoy mine.

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I’ve been thinking of giving a few for gifts, and would appreciate knowing if there were a short window I need to act on.

Also worth mentioning for the thread, in checking the website I see LOOG is making a special version for Third Man Records, which is Jack White’s record label. I might need to ask Santa Santa for one of those for myself.

Nevermind. Don’t mind me. Just bought 2. Thanks Jason & Rafael!!!

The Greatest American Guitar Hero.


“Free Guitar”? You mean like. . . Derek Bailey?

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No such thing as a free guitar.

Is it really “winning” if it is only a matter of chance, rather than a contest of skill?

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