This tool connects pencil stubs together


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The amount of time between finding this device, finding the glue, running it through the sharpener, running the other end through the sharpener, gluing it all together and then waiting for it to dry means that it is a well-spent two dollars just getting a new Mirado Black Warrior.


Thank you for this! I have been struggling to find a way to make a Human Centipede out of pencils!


Came for a Blackwing reference – was not disappointed. :wink:


Boring holes? Glue? Good lord, just spend a few dollars on a pencil extender, and get on with your life.


Exactly. Fun idea but hardly cost effective. When this appeared on Gizmodo last spring, commenters savaged this gadget.


The company that makes the gadget is pretty interesting: Nakajima Jukyudo.


“Now to convince the prison commissary to stock this item.”:yum:


I use those all the time! they work very well, except they don’t work on a few of my all graphite (no wood) ones because they are slightly thinner and slicker. I have to tape those before inserting…nbd, just a workaround to prevent them from falling out.


I haven’t had a wooden pencil in my house for decades. Wonder if they have a version for cheapo mechanical pencils?

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