This tooth-covered hat belonged to a travelling tooth puller in the early 19th century

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no, good sir! you may not sew my tooth to your chapeau!
now give it to me.
good day!

in truth, i have always requested teeth pulled be wrappped and given to me upon extraction. i’m wierd that way.
would’ve kept me leg bones, if i could have. that request was roundly nixed


The topic is about a tooth-covered hat that belonged to a traveling tooth-puller from the early 19th century. boingboing shares an image and information about the hat from Southward Council in London’s Cuming Collection, including a 3D model and more details on their website. FloridaManJefe responds with a joke related to the post.

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i wasn’t joking, AI bot!


Oh, you’d like a pedicure? One moment, let me change my hat.


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