This town in Japan produces almost no trash


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The eventual robot majority of Japan appreciates their efforts.


With food/compostable (which includes paper coffee cups, pizza boxes, etc) and recycling bins in Seattle my goes to the landfill trash is by weight 98% kitty litter, then the stuff food soiled things like styrene, plastic wrap and a few other odds and ends that can’t go in the other bins.

I could use flushable litter I guess but at least one kitty insists on clay litter (god knows I have tired) and the local ordinances don’t allow disposal by toilet.

ETA a lot of take out places are using compostable plastics for cups, utensils, and boxes here as well so just about everything can go in the compost bin instead of the landfill.


I like that last man’s statement at the end “we all gained richness in our minds” maybe it’s just a weird translation but I still like it.


That’s about the same as mine, here in Delaware.

That’s not counting one-time trash events, though - like when I pull all the noxious waste out of the stream or county land next door that people have thrown out their car windows, or when I tear out a couple thousand pounds of lath and plaster from the attic, if I averaged that stuff in I’d come out looking a lot less green.


I send ours to Washington DC.


Roger that!


got to love demo work. ,my friend was helping tear out some old 1920s lathe and plaster walls and got a nail right through his foot as reward


I like it. We are zealous about composting/recycling in hour household and make about a 1/3 full bag of trash every couple of weeks. When I drive around it is absolutely jaw-dropping how much trash people produce week in and week out.


seems like theres a shit ton of amazon packaging and boxes clogging the local trash cans and dumpsters these days… i saved nearly all the boxes from them, to use later when moving


That is exactly how I learned not to do demolition after work in the dark!

I kicked two pieces of the old stable apart and a big ol’ nail popped out the top of the boot, slipped right between the metatarsals. Unfortunately, my tetanus wasn’t up to date, so off to the family doctor :frowning:


its a tough lesson but usually never happens again afterwards. speaking of which, i just saw a carpentry newbie slice off the top of his thumb including most of the nail with a table saw and turn white as a ghost


It’s amazing how quick humans can redistribute blood, isn’t it?


I dutifully separated my trash, until I saw the garbage men throwing it all in the same truck.


The garbage trucks have different compartments for different kind of trash now, though. It also would be kind of stupid to re-mix them since some of the sorted materials are valuable to the garbage companies.


I saw a guy cut off his thumb on a table saw and his dog ate it before he could get to it. , he had to get his big toe grafted onto his hand. That day was burned into my brain. (blurred for the squeamish)


sweet baby jesus… thatll leave a mark


This is a really cool hopeful story. I like the rays of happiness and hope that mark brings, nice to still have some wonderfulness around these parts. :slight_smile:

(not that schlepping products and dystopian conspiracies are all bad…lol.)


Ever schlep marble? You ought to try schlepping marble one day.
It’s a schlep.

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