This training will make Adobe Premiere a lot easier to use for first-time and casual editors

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Editing gives me anxiety, and the random crashes from Premier don’t help matters any.

I’m also terribly confused how the purchasing aspect of the software works. I remember you would buy an install disc and manual. Today I think you pay per session, or the Cloud has something to do with it?

I’m old - this was my first editing hardware with Sony 3/4" U-Matic decks.


Looks great only it’s not available to buy. It says “Coming Soon” with “1 Day Left”. Not super helpful…

Past edits got you down? Worried that being able to keep your work will make your best girl go steady with the captain of the football team? Rid yourself of unwanted data with Adobe!

That was my first editing hardware as well. I once put together a mixed live action and claymation piece with a pair of those and a LOT of time.

I’ve got a project open in Premiere one monitor to the left of this comment. (Well, up and to the right a bit from your perspective I guess.) I’d say to someone in your position… look into DaVinci Resolve first. Adobe’s underlying cross-platform platform has some serious structural issues that manifest real sharply in and around Premiere, and that they have been unable to resolve for a few years now.

That said, you’ll find that Premiere tries to stay mostly faithful to the NLE paradigm, and is usually (okay, often) more efficient to use than that Sony controller.

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