This ultra-bright flashlight, lantern, and headlamp set could be an emergency lifesaver

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Meh. My flashlight is capable of radiating more than 8000 parsecs, given time.

My normal approach is useless here.


Does anyone know the conversion of that unit to lumens?

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“tactical” - can I stab someone in the eye with this like the tactical pen?

Those lanterns are marketed under dozens of different brand names. That said, I do find them particularly handy on the nightstand since there’s no switch to fumble for. You grab it by the top and it turns on as you pick it up.

It’s roughly equal to three football fields, and weighs the same as a dozen elephants.


Those lanterns are about $5 on AliExpress and when you open them are roughly as bright as the sun. I should gets some more.

Would this be the headlamp, perhaps? Surely not, seeing how it’s promising 120lm, which puts it in the vicinity of a… 30W incandescent light bulb.

Zowee! That’s fast!

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How much is that in nanoWaleses?

I have one at home and one at work. They are handy for power outages. $7 CDN. Hang it from the ceiling if there’s a hook or sit it on a tall bookcase and the whole room is lit.

But I don’t need the BB shop… you can find them anywhere.

Depends on how many rods you get to the hogshead

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