This USB charger is powered from an electric wheelchair

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A 12V-to-USB adapter needs to be crowdfunded? They’re practically commodity items.

The connector looks different than the classic not-actually-a-cigarette-lighter-anymore; anyone know if electric wheelchair power busses are properly standardized, or are there 1.3 times as many variants as there are vendors?

I can only imagine that that is the sticking point, the 12v->5v stepdown converter should run a few bucks, even if you want ‘actual quality’ and ‘not catching fire’ you are looking at change from a 20; if you are willing to be…flexible…the going rate is about $2.50.

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This is a 24V to USB adapter with an XLR input. Not available in stores.

I know that because I fixed a wheelchair charger the other day. I don’t normally do jobs like that, but the lady whose wheelchair it is has no source of income to buy a replacement charger, that she was quoted $200 for. Fortunately, hers was easily repairable.

Technology for mobility is great, but it does need knowledgeable people around to help keep it going.

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