This version of Queen's We Will Rock You is best


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Um, no, not to these ears.

That sounds to me like it was run through some sort of genericizing machine.

I can only assume that Rob is wearing his usual mask of irony here.


OK, this is actually not that revelatory-- they did the song this way live with regularity, I first heard it on their live album, which (naturally) is more energetic than this studio version.


And then there is this drunk-guy-in-the-back-of-a-police-car version of Bohemian Rhapsody


This feels like the Sounds of Silence from the Sounds of Silence album vs the Wednesday Morning 3am album: ie overproduced crap (although, in the Simon & Garfunkel case it is the same recording with the crap layered on top).


Sounds very Status Quo-esqe(the band, I mean, obviously) to me. Especially that opening riff, shades of Caroline in that one.


I prefer this version.


Gawd, that show was so WHITE.


Judas Priest, is that you?


I was expecting a Rick Roll, or the old “Locked Safe In My New House” trick.


That sums up every 80’s sitcom quite succinctly.


Right on!


On a re-release in the 90s, there’s a remix called “ruined by Rick Rubin.”

[Explained in Rolling Stone] (


According to a friend of mine, of late, so is Boston! :wink:

But yeah, thinking back on that show, it’s whiteness is pretty blinding!


Well, it is to me. I’d never heard this arrangement, and I do like it much, much more than the original.

I had heard the “ruined by Rick Rubin” version (indeed, had a cassingle of it), but that’s just really no good.


This version is very cool, but the original is not without it’s charms. Worked for Ice Cube, on the conscious gangsta tip

Damn this beat goes so hard.


This should be classified under “Things I Miss… 70s generic sounding rock bands”

It’s like someone took out everything that made Queen unique and replaced it with some YouTube cover band. I realize it’s actually Queen who made it but there’s a reason it’s not the version that still gets radio play today.


The only version I’ve gotten to experience live is EBN:


I like it. Not as much as the original, but it does kick ass.

But I think we can all agree the best version was the one everyone sang and stomped and clapped themselves on a schoolbus.


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