This video shows you different kinds of zoomer personalities

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iPad one, and The Drinker. guilty.

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Zoom is basically America’s way of saying “I don’t care about my life, so I certainly don’t care about yours. Let the PRC own all of us.”


So far I’m The Drinker and The One Who Just Woke Up. Trying to earn my chops as a Fun Virtual Backgrounder though.

I usually have my tablet set up as a screen share when I am Zoom-ing, so most of the time people can’t see that I am “The Drinker.” You can pry my coffee (or tea) from my cold, dead hands.

I’m the one that wishes his webcam had depth of field and fakes it with an app.

OK zoomer


Oh the video-chat app :confused:

My first assumption was this would be about Generation Z

then I thought it must be some subculture thing from the '90s

Here in Canader, “Zoomer” seems to be an attempt to make the old young. Obviously an extension of “boomer”. There’s a nagazine for “seniors” named Zoomer and various other things associated with the magazine. I actually subscribed last year, it included for very little more membership in “CARP” Canadian Association of Retired People.

The odd thing is then much of it seems about “old people” as if nothing changed over the past sixty years. So an article about a aging Gordon Lightfoot, but endless adds for people with mobility issues and medical issues. If I’m hip enough to be a “Zoomer” I don’t want to be like my grandparents, who were always “old” to me.

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Nobody Puts Zoomer in a Corner.

That’s exactly where my mind went to (maybe because I’ve seen that magazine). I thought this was going to be some hacky “seniors aren’t good with technology” joke and my first thought was “c’mon BoingBoing, you’re better than that”.

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