This walking microrobot is smaller than an ant's head

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IEEE Spectrum has already changed the typo, but the quote should say “pronking” not “proking.” Nit picked. I only learned about pronking during undergrad biomechanics courses, and even there it wasn’t commonly used.


Oh, thanks! Fixed!

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bring on the grey goo!!!

3d printed? Now I’m curious about what they used that allowed for printing such small features so cleanly.

Welp, if they’re going to eventually be the infantry in the ongoing war against bedbugs, then I say I welcome our tiny robot-ant underlords.


37.3 mm/s is 2 miles/day.

You’re welcome


Oh, good! I’ve been waiting for a robot small enough to go into the ant colony that lives in the lower walls of my building and kill the queen. I live on the 2nd floor and we get ants up here all the time. Short of Pym particles, this looks like the next best thing.

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Like its predecessors, this robot is far too small for traditional motors or electronics.

I am not convinced. Structures smaller than this are built all the time in silicon chips. Some of them have been made to move, with little electric motors, and movable mirrors. I reckon a robot like this could be built with actuators.

to be fair, that’s a rather large ant.


“I’m outta here. Places to go. People to see.”

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Pronking here:

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