Bull ants swarm a clockwork toy robot


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I OTOH see a sad little robot, compelled to go on a suicide mission against an implacable foe. Still trying to move and do what he is told even after he is brought to the ground.



Suggest campaign stop for Drumpf.


Look at those spicy boys go!


So they’ll attack any moving thing that comes into their territory?

This reminds me of the time a friend of mine went to mow his lawn while the cicadas were swarming. They found the sound of the lawnmower surprisingly attractive. After a few minutes he just had to walk away and leave the mower running until it ran out of gas.


Too much romance, not enough human killing.

Incidentally, I have that same toy robot.


20160912 – SkyNet field evaluation #27018 – result: SUCCESS



Good thing Noah remembered to put two of these on the ark, and good thing they were able to walk all the way to Australia.


I am reminded of Them!


What’s that music? It’s not Morton Subotnick’s The Wild Bull


Leiningen Versus the Ants (text)


Bugs, Mr Rico!! Zillions of ‘em! I’m a-burnin’ 'em down!


Oh, the robotity!


I bet the Every-Ready Bunny could really kick some ant ass and not just lay there twitching.


Boston Dynamics seems to be going in an unexpectedly retro direction with this current line of R&D…


That’s right. Just leave me here fallen over, with all these Terran life-forms swarming pointlessly over me. It was bad enough that I had this pain in all the diodes down my left side. I’m so depressed.


Alternatively “Valiant ants defend their home against huge invading mechanical monstrosity”


Exhibit C at our trial before our future robot overlords?


I wouldn’t even get close enough to record that.