This week on Idiombusters



I would totally watch this.


One of my favorite Mythbusters is the one where they demonstrate that bulls are actually really careful in china shops.

I’m also pretty sure you can catch more flies with vinegar than you can with honey.


I love that episode! The elephant and mouse one was a terrific watch as well.

As to flies, it all depends on the fly — and there are lots of flies!

Honey and vinegar both smell of fermented sugars, so they’ll both attract flies that like fermented sugars (like fruit flies). That said, because of the evaporative qualities of vinegar, it may disperse better and work to attract over a larger area than honey. It’ll also cost less! Flat beer will also work.

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Catch flies…like in pick-up baseball leagues? What if I just want all houses to be palatial with a relilable suction-cup furniture mount anywhere on the plasterwork, without catching and training biomechanical drones (Edwardian Dress, etc. etc?)

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