This guy really knows how to kill yellowjackets


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We did a similar test in our house earlier this summer, after a surprise fruit fly invasion. My wife bought some cute little apple-shaped plastic fruitfly traps that use some sort of sugar water bait. It really bothered me that she paid money for fruitfly traps, so I made my own with a glass, some apple-cider vinegar, two drops of dish soap and a paper funnel. I caught about ten times more flies in my trap than she did in hers. The fruit flies are no more.

Interesting to note that this guy’s barn has a seemingly limitless supply of mice. He kills them by the bucketload and there’s always more.


I’m trying this trap right now. Got stung twice this morning by yellow jackets just for going out the back door. Since I don’t have any raw chicken, I used a hot dog (tied to the plank with lots of string). I’m wondering if cooked meat will work… will let you know in a few hours. Meanwhile, I am glad to have a front door.


Wasps, proud arseholes of the flying insect world.


Wasn’t that cooked chicken in the video? It didn’t look raw. There’s a big difference in color and texture.


Needz maor kittehs!


Now, I don’t know! BUt I’ve already had to reload, as some dog or cat dragged my bait away.


Any chance of you posting a pic? They are annoying me atm ^_^.


Or maybe the yellow jackets did it…A swarm can get some force going on, and eat meat really fast.


Aren’t those guys pollinators?


i am not sure they are pollinators, but i do know they hunt a lot of other bugs that we also don’t like, so i tend to let them be. they are total assholes, though. they are mean just to be mean.


Who among us is not?


Make a pot of boiling water, pour over buried wasp nest.


Definitely not enough to justify tolerating them anywhere near your house, that’s for damn sure. They’d basically need to mow your yard, empty the recycling, and clean the gutters to even come close to earning their keep.

Yellowjackets are such dicks they’ll sting you a bunch even after they’ve had a nice cup of tea.


This guy really knows how to kill yellowjackets


Not really.

“Yellow jackets don’t visit flowers much; they mostly catch other insects. When they do visit flowers, they only accomplish a little pollination, because they aren’t fuzzy.”


Yellowjackets don’t know what joy is. They only live to inflict suffering


Yellowjackets are only accidentally pollinators; their main benefit to humans is that they kill a lot of pest insects that would damage crops and gardens otherwise. Nuking a wasp nest that’s causing you trouble is not something you should hesitate to do.


Or a trash panda… If you know where the nest is rather than taking the poison and dig approach you can wait till after sunset when they are dormant and boil water in your biggest pot and pour that down the hole.
Kills off the nest and no $$ for poision. (better on the environment too)


Yeah normally I am live and let live for them. But when they nest in my back yard where I have to mow… shit is going down on those assholes.