This yarn is made for inclusivity, is available in 8 skin tones

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I love it! I’ve got to get back to amigurumi crochet…


This omission is clearly an intentional slight against the President.



That pink is not a typical skin color. Google images for pink skin and the pictures that are actually pink seem to be mostly classified as skin conditions or injuries.

I went to school with a couple of kids whose faces were definitely that shade of pink. The rest of them were more like “light 1”.

Me, I think I need something just a tinge lighter than “Tan1”. Either that, or I have to actually leave my house more with all the Covidiots around here in O.C. CA… Nope. I’m going to aim for “medium2”.

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Early summer sunburn, upper forehead.

Let’s assume that for logistical reasons, the label surrounding each skein of yarn is the same color-- bleached paper, or white.

Shouldn’t they appear to be the same color?

Yet in some photos, the label appears to be blueish white; in others, it’s yellowish. If you are selling colors, it’s important to pay attention to white balance.

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With yarn dolls, I think one is aiming for cute so super-saturated, bright colors per for the course. The muted subtleties of actual human skin, not so much.

Yeah, I see plenty of stuff (video and still) where the white balancing is nonexistent.


Friends send me pictures of snakes, flowers, bugs, etc. for me to ID, and I beg them to do me a solid and figure out how to at least get the colors right–white balancing would sure help.

If you have a non-moving thing to photograph, cut a small window into plastic jug (white is better than translucent) and make yourself a mini-cyc wall, put your item in it, and bring it outside to photograph or video in daylight. And white balance please offa the surface of that white jug. Cheaper (free) and smaller than this:

A smaller version of this, quick and dirty:

Sometimes in the field, it’s just easier to carry a ruler-scale and a plastic jug.


That one on the very left, that light, light pink one, that’s me. I’m that white.


As I’ve previously mentioned on BB, my mother used to kick us outside at the start of summer saying “because you look like a bag of milk”.

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