Thom Yorke's experimental band The Smile performs for elementary school kids (video)

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What a great idea for a video. It makes me wonder what Smells Like Teen Spirit would have been like in this format. Especially if all the cheerleaders and janitor were kids, too.

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And here I thought Radiohead was Thom Yorke’s experimental band.


oh, thats beautiful. already saved my day and maybe the whole next week.

and hopefuly leaves a lasting impression in great music with all them sweet kids.

Yeah, I wouldn’t say The Smile are particularly experimental. If anything, Yorke’s solo stuff is more experimental.

Anyway, nice video :+1:


What a fantastic idea for a video and beautiful execution. I laughed out loud at a number of the kids’ dismissive reactions of course. But I was thrilled to see that a great many of them seemed absolutely rapt by what they were experiencing. What an unexpected gift for them. And as someone else mentioned, this is likely a memory they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Clicked for the nose picking. Was not disappoint.

At 2’27” there’s a kid yawning. Presumably he’s thinking: “Thom, mate, bit of a retread of Pyramid Song in this section, yeah?”

Weird War did this first, and they did it live, with real students from the school.

A few songs from the show are on YouTube, which I am not allowed to link. But search for “weird war school” and some songs will come up. It’s great seeing the kids get won over little by little…

The Smile video…eh, too polished. The kids look like their parents responded to a casting call, and the auditorium was likely rented by production. I would have been more impressed if they played live for the kids. No wonder why the kids looked so bored.

you two must be great at partys.

Not for the first time, DasKleine Teilchen, you have mistaken a joke (nine year old talking like a music bore) for an adult opinion. I don’t think we attend the same parties.

Look, Ian hasn’t been Sassy for years, okay… he’s all theory and magical thinking now…

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