Thoroughly modern BBS, ancient me

It’s just the way things work out that I’m normally reading BBS on my music-streaming Mac, an old box running Leopard. (I haven’t updated it to newer because I crave the stable AppleScript and feature set of iTunes 9.2.1) A couple of days ago, BBS went semi-boink for me; checked the FAQ and yup, it’s my fault.

Not griping, just curious about the nature of code necessitating the new browser requirements. Is it mainly due to the Zocial svg-format font, or the new version of FontAwesome, or a need for rocket-surgery-grade JS, or some other aspect of making BBS ready for the next decade? (Well, griping a little…the next nearest CPU to-hand is a PC running Win7, and I like my Macs ; -) Or, put another way, what price the horror of coding – and serving – this beast?

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We don’t purposely break older browsers, but there is a lot of advanced js work going on that avoids a lot of the “traditional” hacks in place of standards based JavaScript code.

Trouble with a lot of the older browsers is that they require a fair amount of “work arounds” and some features don’t even exist leaving holes.

you’re not wrong

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Could a VM be a workaround?

Or would that be like a motorbike trying to tow a tractor?

Pretty much, but Firefox or Chrome should run on pretty ancient setups.

I would be really worried running a 5 year old browser these days, tons of exploits in the wild.

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