Three Little Pigs' houses built at site of terrible pig truck crash

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One of those pigs must be doing well with his fancy bricks and satellite dish.

That makes me really happy that someone took the effort to do that.

And it also gives me an excuse to post this awesome song/video:


I live near the site of the porcine tragedy. Unfortunately, The Man has seen fit to remove the tribute in the name of public safety.
Big Bad Wolf, indeed.

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Xenia is a funky place. Not your stereotypical small Midwestern town.

Is Cory the one who’s obsessed interested in tiny houses? I want to see the interior of the straw house, where the hog wallow folds back to reveal the slops trough and intensive composting obviates the need for a manure lagoon.

This is my new excuse for not cleaning behind the toilet.


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