Three years after the Umbrella Revolution, Hong Kong has its own Extinction Rebellion chapter

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“Extinction Rebellion is not about what is possible, but what is necessary,”

We really are literally living a Philip K. Dick novel, and in a bad way too.


is there a good way to live a Phillip K. Dick novel?


I’m very much not a fan of XR in the UK - but you have to take your hat off to people prepared to protest like this in China - even the safest bit thereof. Not only is it massively the biggest polluter in the world, but unlike the nice police in London, I fear that the Chinese authorities will not be kind to people - particularly if they manage to actually start drawing people to their cause there. I still fear this is somewhat counter-productive - we need to be convincing, in part by our own example in the wealthy West, that you can still have economic growth and low or zero carbon - and that the transition is manageable - but we also need to convince China in particular that this is in her interest too…

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Curious as to why you are not a fan? Is there something about the message that doesn’t warrant the actions?


Some analysis of XR here, (with anoying music). Also see and writings of Cory Morningstar for the full research on the co-option of dissent and how “green” NGOs are promoting the green new deal non solution to save capitalism and rape the planet.

Better noodle shops? (I know it’s just in the movie.)

Hyped to the gills on benzedrine, living off of canned dogfood, in low rent housing.

I’m rarely convinced with arguments where the ends justify the means. Plus the UK is actually leading the way in delivering carbon reductions, but if we can’t persuade China and the US to do the same, it really makes no difference. As such I think the focus must be on economic growth with decarbonisation, in order to convince these giants to follow. Plus I think stopping people using public transport is particularly counterproductive.

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