It could happen here: How China's social credit system demonstrates the future of social control in smart cities


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So. Who’s excited about machine learning and “AI”?

Because this is what it’s going to be used for.

Have fun.


Authoritarian whuffie. Once again, Charlie Brooker is ahead of us all:


Down and Out in the Middle Kingdom.


I’d like to know what kind of vile fucking vermin would promote this heinous shit. Then I’d like to see em lined up against a wall.


Probably not what you wanted, but here you go:

Also, back on topic, I’ll link directly to this neat little explainer of this nasty little system:


I remember reading Brave New World as a kid and realizing it was absolutely a vision of the world I would inhabit. Can’t say I’m psyched that I was right…


We were promised soma! I want my soma!


Brave New World is the optimistic version. We’re currently headed for The Sheep Look Up.


Dude, every fucking person I know, myself included, is on like three different kinds of soma! Where have you been?! :wink:


THX-1138 might be a good vision, kind of halfway between 1984 and Brave New World.


somebody should tell Beijing the triumvirate of Experian/TransUnion/Equifax would be happy to run things for them, quite possibly for free.


…and other factors (like your perceived “sincerity”)…

I’m so screwed.


The good news: This is a system that Liberal techies would have to work closely with Conservative fascists in order to implement.


Only 27 years after the release of Brave New World, a drug company started marketing a drug under the name Soma.


The bad news: systems of technological dominance are what liberal techies are working closely with conservative fascists in order to implement.




I wish there were a system that would allow me to identify other bad citizens in my area.


Vigilantemon Go.

Throw in all the geolocated info on “bad hombres”, add a level and point system.

Gotta catch em all!


That can work both ways.

Gamifying citizenship sounds scary because we all know how addictive games are, but we also know how hard it is for developers to get everyone to play the way they intended.