Through internet videos, tracing the African roots of twerk




“the booty-popping dance white folk now call ‘twerking.’

This is a little disingenuous. Black people here were calling it twerking before white people noticed and got into it. See DJ Jubilee. Thanks.


I didn’t say white folk invented the term. They have, however, totally co-opted it.


So have “white folks” also co-opted the term “breakdancing”? Or “jazz”? What about “sushi”? Also, “they”? Sounds to me like you’re trolling.


In the naked ape Desmond Morris called it “presenting”.


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Man, seems like there’s just azz everywhere these days.[/quote]



That is some amazing control of the gluteus maximus. It must take some practice to flex your butt cheeks independently. I don’t think many white girls could do justice to this style of dance, we do not have the right shaped behind, it seems to be genetic.


there are plenty of white people out there with butts, there are plenty of black people without butts


Who in the hell would think that Miley Cyrus invented twerking?


As a white lady whose butt is quite definitively a different pant size than her waist, I concur. I can’t twerk. But I’m pretty sure that, as with many physical skills, that has more to do with lack of practice and effort rather than something innate. It’d be sort of like me saying, “I’m genetically incapable of running 5 miles” when the reality is more like “I’ve not really done anything to make myself capable of running 5 miles.”


aa[quote=“Big_Ryan, post:9, topic:8474, full:true”]
there are plenty of white people out there with butts, there are plenty of black people without butts

That was a comma splice.


Surely “shaking that thing” dates back to the development of that thing, and no culture now in existence can lay any real claim to it.


In Francophone Africa , it’s call “La danse du ventilateur”


In the 90s we called this “doing the whiny whiny” (maybe this is the title of a song I now forget)?


What’s wrong with Xeni’s use of “they”? When she wrote that they co-opted the term, that doesn’t mean that ALL white people did.

How come when someone points out that white people often do something, a lot of white people feel the need to jump up and say, “Hey! Not ALL white people do that ya know!” (I think I have some idea of why, but I’m wondering what others think.)


And . . . ?




I think it would have been more fun if she had said ‘we’, xeni is white and a user of the phrase ‘twerking’.


obvious comment is obvious?


But part of the sentence reads “…white folk now call 'twerking.” it does read, to me at least, that you are saying White people came up with the term or evolved a previous word and ended up with “twerking.”