Twerking film from 1910


I suppose that twerking in itself is nothing shocking or new - It’s that Cyrus is just so damn DULL, and apparently can’t come up with anything other than lame shock tactics to keep her lame ass in the news. (She did a “roots” album a few years ago, performed by the cream of the crop of Nashville alt-country pros. It got decent reviews, and it didn’t sell for shit - So, twerking is her next best idea. Sad.)

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lol, Steamtwerk.


Although Asta Nielsen appears to have sufficient booty to effectively twerk (which Miley does not), twerking is a long long way from what she is doing. To twerk you gotta get low and shake it so that your buttcheeks slap together. She appears to be doing some kind of emo butt rub dance with the tied up guy…

To quote Nicky Da B: “…spread your legs, arch your back, go up and down and make it clap”


Yowza. But does she like her guys tied up, or is she rescuing him by secretly freeing his hands while she distracts the guards?




Ohhhh. See, I thought she said “Stand there and I’ll work your bonds loose.”


Accidental crotch grab around 1:08.

I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE cough cough I mean, my, what an attractive young lady, and the disparity in the time periods dismays me.

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I haven’t seen the Miley Cyrus twerking video

Why would you start with this?

Clearly you’ve heard about her performance, and see fit to comment on the hubbub that’s followed it, but why make a point to wear this statement like a badge?

Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, but that really came off to me like “well, I’M a little too hip to have watched that trash, but for the rest of you…”

Because if not, I assume the thought process would either go “I guess I should take one minute to watch something I’m referencing” or “I probably shouldn’t make a point to emphasize that I’m not going to.”


I was thinking the same thing. Then I thought, maybe it’s a normal reaction to slow down and stare at car crashes, but actually going out and looking for them is a bit perverse. Maybe Mark felt lucky that he was somehow able to avoid this particular crack-up, and in the interest of preserving a small portion of his humanity, dignity, good taste, and–yes–sanity, he now prefers to travel (cognitively) in the opposite direction. On the other hand, as the curator of a site devoted to cultural odds and ends, many topical and quite a few downright bizarre, maybe he’s more like a paramedic or doctor, a trained professional who has a real obligation to rush to the accident scene and do his best to triage the victims. But then again, even doctors get day off. Unless they’re on call. Personally, I think Mark should be on call for this type of stuff, but I completely understand if he needs a break and wants to relax by watching Asta Nielsen’s erotic ‘Gaucho’ dance. Miley will still be around for a while and he can catch up when he’s ready to work again.

You are making a mountain out of a molehill.

You’re right comparing M.C.'s performance to a car crash because that’s exactly what it was and some people prefer to look the other way in the face of such intimate disasters. I haven’t watched the video either. Just seeing her over the top tongue gyrations and her face that oddly lacked any life or hint of real raunchiness was enough phoniness. That said, there’s no reason why after being bombarded by her act which seemed more important than an impending war, an informed person can’t make connections with similar “shocking” performances of the past.

There was some mighty fine twerking to be seen in Mumbai in 1968.

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This is not twerking.


If you can’t bring yourself to watch the referenced bad example OR the referenced better examples, you might want to at least look up the term before using it incorrectly.

Unless you really enjoy having net-rocks thrown at you. But I assume that you aren’t trolling deliberately.


Sounds more like he’s simply stating that he has not seen it and acknowledging the subjective and speculative nature of his statement that the one he is linking to is better. I haven’t seem it either- not because I am too hip but because I am too cheap to spend money on a television set.

OK, but without a TV how did you watch this 1910 video‽

Touching your dance partner? Obscene.

What, you are using a TI-99 to read this blog on your TV?