"Tie the knot" wedding invites that include a self-tying knot


That’s pretty cool, but I probably wouldn’t go for it even if I was getting married again.

Looks to me as though that ‘self-tying’ knot needs a little help;
I envisioned something made of shape memory alloy!

Technically the knot is already tied, it’s just not tightened.

(For complaints regarding my pedantry, please write to Timothy “The Chunt” Fitzpatrick, care of The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Suckonaneuroticlamprey Ln., Ottawa)


The fact that they hired a graphic designer to come up with a gimmick for their wedding cards sucks most of the joy out of this.

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So who should they have hired to come up with a gimmick for their wedding cards—an auto mechanic? An orthodontist? The assistant attaché to the ambassador of Paraguay?


I’d like to believe you’ve simply missed the point and focused on the wrong aspect of the comment (the problem being the gimmick, rather than who they hired to come up with it), but I can’t convince myself you aren’t doing it on purpose.

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After some thought, I think I’m with Glitch on this one.

My take is the fact that they hired anyone at all (graphic designer or knot), rather than coming up with something more personal, is what has really “sucked most of the joy” out of this. Also; the “tie the knot” metaphor/cliche is widespread and hardly personal (unless they are both really into the whole knot-tying or knot-collecting thing).

Put me in the camp of folks who thinks this is remarkably brilliant, meme worthy even. But yeah, the fact that a hired creative hand came up with it definitely detracts.

OMG, seems like all you people have bought into the DIY wedding myth. Instead of hiring professionals who know how to make things fun, YOU, you personally are supposed to do all this stuff yourself to make it personal and uniquely you.

Yes, you, the bride are supposed to be blowing up balloons on the morning of your wedding to create a fabulous display of your table cards that is special and wonderful and unique. It is not okay to serve the rubber chicken, or pass out Jordan Almonds as favors in prepackaged boxes you bought at Michaels. No, you, you are supposed to be clever and funny and cook your favorite meal yourself, design your own special favors, program and build your own robot flowergirl and choreograph a fantastic down the aisle musical number for the processional.

For the love of God, please let this end!!! Please let brides become sane again. Let them hire people who know what they are doing so they can farm out the creative work and become focused on the guests. This is cute, and even better, the bride didn’t have to do it herself and and she could spend her time making sure the names on the envelopes are all perfect, which the graphic designer could never do.


Don’t forget about baking your own cake! Everyone knows that if you get a wedding cake from a professional baker who has spent years perfecting their skills then your public display of love and devotion is nothing more than a sham. Similarly, you should make your own invitations even if you don’t have the time or the expertise or the software or any knowledge of typography, printing, paper stock or craft.


Nope! You’re supposed to make the decisions yourself (or with the help of your friends and family), and let professionals do the implementation. Not just hire someone to design your wedding for you.

Why not? you still have a shit ton to do even if someone takes over the designing. Why not actually enjoy your event as much as a guest instead of being so worn out from a million design decisions that ultimately won’t matter nearly as much as you being relaxed and having fun at your own event?


If you haven’t had a lot of experience in planning your own weddings – and if you have, that’s an entirely different kettle of fish – then how can you know what decisions to make? After all, even looking at those bridal magazines is a form of getting ideas from professionals instead of making it up for yourself. Not everyone is a natural party planner.


This will have to suffice:
“We have a daily limit on how many times that action (like) can be taken. Please wait 4 hours before trying again.”

I’m a pathological do-it-yourself junkie. I do most of my own home/auto/electronics repair. If something needs doing, I’m on Google learning how to do it, not looking up who I can pay to do it. That started out because I was young and didn’t have the money to hire someone (and before the Internet it was way harder). Now it’s down to directing my money on what makes the most sense. I could re-side our house, and it is getting to the point where it needs it. But I’m not doing that job myself. My DIY projects are driven by my need to know. I NEED to know how that phone is put together. I need to know how to grow the things I want in my yard. I LOVE welding. I love graphic design, but I am not a graphic designer. I am fascinated by computers. I took up programming in Ruby as a hobby and have built some web apps in Rails. Why is it that people think it’s OK to expect some professionals to do things for free but not others? How many people ask their dentist friends to stop over and do a little dentistry for free? Or their lawyer friends to write up their will for free? But if you have IT skills, or graphic design skills, you are seen as being in the “favor” category. Why? “Because I can do that myself”. Really? People ask me to help with their computers precisely because they obviously CAN’T do it themselves. Or it will take them 5 hours and me 10 minutes. People think they can design things themselves. The overwhelming majority can’t. Designers are the first thing the managers cut, and ultimately it shows. Stop buying into the Martha Stewart myth that you should be doing everything yourself. She doesn’t. She’s hired good designers and good stylists all these years. Take as much control of you wedding as YOU want. I love parties, and after we bought a house we threw lots of them. One thing I learned is to cater or do pot-luck on big parties, and even then you spend a lot of time doing things other than having fun hanging out with your friends. Some people love that part of throwing parties. I’d personally rather have less to think about and just enjoy it with friends. The idea that every clever idea involving your wedding invites (or other aspects of it, cake, venue, etc) has to be your own or it devalues the wedding is complete bullshit. TRY to define exactly the boundaries of:

and you will realize how ridiculous that idea is. If I have strong ides about a house I want built, I’ll hire an architect who can implement those ideas, and hopefully add to them. But there is nothing wrong with going to an artist like an architect and saying “make me a great house!”. You might get something that transcends being just a building.

To all those saying that it lost its “magic” when they found out it was the designer’s idea: If you received that invite, went to that wedding, and found out the couple didn’t conceive of that idea, would you have said to the happy couple “the fact that you didn’t come up with that yourselves really blew it for me.”? Also, please submit your wedding invites to Boing Boing so we can judge them, and be completely honest on how much was your work.


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