Toilet paper wedding dress


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Rain (or maybe just high humidity) or your wedding day in that would probably be bad.


She looks just like a princess about to wed her Prince Charmin.


This would have been just the thing for that scene in Bridesmaids.

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Yes that would be very ironic.



This contest is stupid for the simple reason that toilet paper is designed, I’ll repeat, DESIGNED to disintegrate in the presence of water. Just about any other paper product would have been a better choice. Picture sewing toilet paper. Picture gluing toilet paper. The contest is a joke proving absolutely nothing about one time use products.

… Judging by the fine detail in the shown dresses my guess is that the paper was reformed, with glue, etc., into other forms and characteristics. What’s the point?

That was genius.

Clearly, if you fail to grasp “the point” then it is obviously not worth the effort involved or the consideration of the outcome. Remind me to check in with you the next time I do anything.


I’m not sure what your point was. I actually knew someone who worked for a toilet paper company. So what I posted was the actual truth, unlike whatever you’re considering. Converting toilet paper into some other product is not what was claimed to be the point. If you add water proof glue to recomposed toilet paper, you’re not actually working with toilet paper anymore. But if you consider that OK than fine, go with the Bull Shit. Wipe thoroughly.

Indeed. Who would have thought that a contest sponsored by a toilet paper company for a wedding website that promotes cheap weddings would use toilet paper to make wedding dresses. Clearly they should have gone for a far more practical material for the competition such as chiffon and organza.


Making toilet paper wedding gowns is a traditional bridal shower activity.


Holy Crap!

I thought BB supported the use of wet wipes.

For the woman who expects to be shit on by her future husband?

For those who took the Pagans’ “What’s this shit called love” too seriously.

How dare those people show incredible skill and craftmanship in an endeavour I find stupid! How dare they!


Ugh! It’s not the participants there are stupid. It’s the restriction to toilet paper. Why not any paper? But you probably knew that and just wanted to pretend to be a hero.

Geez, I haven’t seen someone get so worked up about toilet paper since Mr. Whipple retired.

It’s restricted to toilet paper b/c it’s based on a bridal shower game that has always been restricted to toilet paper.

The original game uses a cheap, easy to come by, but a bit hard to work with material on purpose b/c it’s a party game and it’s supposed to be funny when your friends make a disastrous mess.