'Tiger Train,' a new weird music video by Liam Lynch


And yet, nothing about the effectiveness of the Pussy Wagon.

Good example of why I prefer instrumentals or vocalese unless the words are actually saying something interesting. Half a point for the cat; the rest is better forgotten.

amusing, but as cat videos go, I still prefer Kitty City


or Meow Mix, which uses his cats in somewhat less altered form.

HA! I didn’t even think of that! Histerical

I enjoyed the video. I hadn’t even heard the name Liam Lynch since The United States of Whatever song… wasn’t that a long time ago?

The uniflycle is way too small.

The Tygers of Pan Tang phoned, they want their schtick back.

I recognize that riff… it’s basically from (unintentionally or otherwise) The Cult - Wild Flower song…

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