Tik Tok kept Financial Times reporter under surveillance

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Some of the coverage I’ve seen in the corporate media has spun the story as “Bytedance fires rogue employees”, as if the rotten corporate culture played no part in it.

Centralised social media platforms by their nature and by the ideological leanings of their owners tend to attract the worst people as employees.


They’ll be setting the sticky bit on all US data so that it can’t possibly travel overseas. /s


I don’t think it’s necessarily censorial nonsense if bytedance is out here using a reporters gps data (from the TikTok app I assume) to find leaks. It’s certainly censoring, but I think this story proves there is at least some merit to the argument that tiktok is a national security threat to America, similar to how US social media apps are a national threat to China.

I guess the US government prefers that only they should have the ability to spy on US citizens.


I love Tiktok. I waste more time on it than I’d care to admit, all in 30-second chunks. But if it vanished tomorrow, I wouldn’t miss it. I doubt that Bytedance does anything worse than what all the American social media companies do.

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Curiously, I share exactly half of your views on the subject - I hate TikTok outright, have never used it beyond wasting a few seconds on web-based previews, and I wouldn’t miss it for a second if it disappeared tomorrow. And I hope it does.

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