Tim Cook on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek




But seriously, that can’t be real, right??


What is the designer trying to convey here? Is the message “I know I’m on deadline, but I’m so fuckin’ high…”?


Look on the bright side: it’s not comic sans.
I call that progress.


I’m trying to understand the original article linked to in this post. It was from the magazine itself, yes? They are making fun of their own cover? That just seems too meta.


Maybe it’s critical commentary by the designer on Tim Cook and his Apple reign?


Now I’m even more confused.


This cover makes me assume there’s a tear-out Tim Cook poster inside.


Stealing ur joke thx


I’m hanging mine on the back of my door, next to my bill gates poster:


instantly ascends to world grandmaster of not giving a fuck.

My, but that’s savory.


That is at least four separate forms of typecrime.

I am going to call them right now to cancel my subsc— oh, yeah. Nevermind.


Not after viewing that picture!


#fixed #photoshop #timcook #apple #aarp


This does not really answer any questions. I daresay it raises a number of questions like, you mean this isn’t a sardonic first draft that accidentally got submitted?


Please! Those were the days of floppies.


Perfect summary, Rob. I thought that Bloomberg was jumping the shark when they hired feckless glibertarian Megan McArdle, but holy sheepdip.


He’s got a long way to go to get to this level of mastery:


Guh. Sadly it’s totally real. This is a new trend called “Ugly Design”. It’s supposed to be the graphic design side of “Normcore”. More here: http://www.quora.com/Typography/What-is-this-typeface-and-why-do-some-designers-use-this-kind-of-typeface


I’m a designer. I love the cover.