Tim Cook proud to be gay



With the stock at $104 he should be proud!


This is so great. Imagine all those young gay teens reading Bloomberg Businessweek who are going to see this article and know it gets better. #courage


Let’s make homosexuality the next big thing!


I knew it! lol just by looking at his pictures from high school here http://dailyentertainmentnews.com/breaking-news/apple-ceo-tim-cooks-boyfriend-girlfriend/ haha you go Cook

Made me very happy to see this, and honestly put some mist in my eyes. I’d been hoping he would do this for a while now, so glad he finally did it.

So many idiots don’t get this – “why should we care, blah blah.” Cook said it directly – this was not about him, this was in service to others, people who may be depressed, harassed, or even just uncomfortable being open about who they are.

This gives hope and courage to those people. If the CEO of one of the most respected, beloved in fact, largest, and successful companies on the planet can achieve the level of success he has, and be open about who he is, than the world is a bit more of an open and accepting place for everyone else facing similar struggles.

Good on you, Tim. I’m sure Steve is smiling down at you right now. :slight_smile:


hear, hear. while it’s been an open secret, particularly in the gay community, for a long time now, it’s really nice to see him decide it’s time to go public for all the reasons he states. it just underscores how supportive apple has always been. their hiring and employee policies have always been inclusive, and i remember back in the early 90s when they would always support their employees who wanted to have a presence in the san francisco pride parade. thanks, tim, for all you do.


I saw the link to the article this morning in my Facebook friend. It was posted by an out lesbian from my high school who is currently kickstarting a campaign for a film about lesbian couples in the south. She stated that “everyone pretty much already knew this,” but I really had no idea, and I work in tech so it seems at least I might have heard a little rumor.

I thought it being in Bloomberg was interesting and made it a business issue; I hope that other business leaders who may not be thinking about this will consider what great employees might be gay and how they can help them feel more comfortable in their workplaces.


Well, I guess we’ll have fewer moments like this:

I’m fairly sure everyone’s reaction was “We know this, and we’ve been explicitly told not to mention it…” Someone was shouting in a producer’s office right there.

Yeah. It’s always kinda pathetically whiney when people complain about things like this, or say things like “Oh, I’m so tired of hearing about racism/sexism/homophobia/inequality/etc.”

If they’re so tired of hearing about such things, they might want to think about how exhausting it is for people to have to deal with those things.


Previously on the Boing:

No offence, but I’m quite sure Xerox were already working on homosexuality in the seventies. And there were even precursors to it in old episodes of Star Trek.


I hope no one at Samsung comes out, cos you Apple will sue…


It’s easy to laugh at someone and feed your I’d ego. But see his guts he dared to except the facts in front of everyone. People with great vision, moral and attitude only have the powers to do so. I liked his point and firmness. Regards Ametesh Khare

Uhhh… What?

I’m guessing English is not the first language. Let’s see if I can translate:

It's easy to laugh at someone and feed your ego. But he showed guts: he dared to accept the truth and proclaim it in front of everyone. Only people with great vision, morals and attitude have the power (strength of will) to do so. I liked what he said and how confidently he said it.

No, I got the gist of what was being said… I’m just not sure how it relates to what I posted. I’m guessing it’s just a spammer getting a few posts in before dropping some links on us.

I don’t think it’s a spammer: there was actual thought and discussion. Linking the answer your post might have been a mistake, or just wanting to add onto the discussion that Tim Cook’s announcement was brave and worthy of respect but not knowing how to do so on this forum.

I could be wrong, of course, but the post struck me as well-intentioned. I am constantly reminded of the fact that learning English as a young child was a wonderful gift because it’s a horrible language to try to learn starting in adolescence or adulthood.

Does this mean that homosexual people will soon go to jail again in America… for infringing Apple’s trademarks and patents?

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