Time-lapse footage of container ships coming and going from international ports

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Very nice, brings back fond memories of my days on the Sea.


“relaxing”? Squeaky, sure.

I was really hoping for something much more ethereal, to capture the nature of the flow and aquatic environment.

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Squeaky yes. Relaxing… meh. Well it was relaxing after I muted it.


I wonder what is the story with the 50 or so ships that seem to be parked along the sides of the river.

They all seem to be just parked. That’s some costly overhead to have just sitting around I would think.

I wonder if they have squatters camping out on some of them…

They’re probably waiting for a spot to open up on the docks.

From the way they seem backed into the shore and they seem to be in groupings of 5 or so, I tend to think they are just sort of mothballed or something.

Oh, for a Mississippi longshoreman to pipe in on the site… :slight_smile:

I don’t know, I live next to a giant port and there’s never any ships just doing nothing. There’s still costs when they’re not doing anything.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, it’s just these seem waaaay down the river from the port, rather out of the way.

Hell of a holding pattern if that’s what it is…

Perhaps they’re old and waiting to be scrapped. Although that generally happens in poor countries where they can cheaply get rid of the toxic parts.

Or maybe that’s where all those lost shipments of ‘Winning’ we’ve been told we’d have too much of got to…


Meaning contamination of local environmental and community’s health. Winning at capitalism.

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