Time Machine fools media with Dennis Ritchie obituary



Could you bring back arthur c clarke next?



To be fair, he died less than a week after Steve Jobs, so most people wouldn’t have heard about his death.

He wasn’t as well-known or interesting (read: assholish) as Steve Jobs, but his contributions to computer science were far more impactful. Even if people are getting the date of death wrong, I’m still glad he’s getting the recognition he deserves.


Yeah. I remember almost getting into a couple of fights that week with people who were talking about how much Jobs meant to the computer industry, and had no clue who Ritchie was.

    return recognition;


After all it’s not like OSX and ios have anything to do with unix.


I hate you… :wink:

Seriously though, I do have some appreciation for jobs bringing the Next OS ideals back into the fold when he rejoined apple. That’s about when Apple’s OS started to make sense.


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