Steve Jobs: Insanely Great

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Another hagiography?


This style will perfectly capture the scene where he slut shames his ex-partner.


No, he was an unrepentant meglomaniac ahole. And his fame is from over priced consumer electronics.

It’s like the world has some weird version of Stockholm with Jobs.


For pity’s sake. Does anyone really need or want this?


It was a bit dense, and didn’t really scale well on my monitor. Does this include “fathers child, denies paternity, yet names a product after her any way?”


Well, the subheader is “A sponsored sneak peek of a new graphic biography of the late Apple founder and chief executive.” I just assumed that the title of the post was the name of the book, and that the author of the post was the author of the book (both true, incdientally).

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Oy. Is it not possible to create complex pictures of flawed people anymore? Noah Wyle’s depiction of Jobs is still the best I’ve seen.

(Such a nineties trailer.)

ETA: Woz on the over-glorification of Steve Jobs, he keeps it classy and gives Jobs real credit for what he was actually really responsible for.


You say that as if it a rare thing. I’ve known a few successful people who fit that description. In fact, I believe it may be an absolutely necessary quality to have if you want to make a difference in a world that expects compromise at every turn “just because.”

I’ve seen this up close. I don’t have the balls to take on the world, and wish I did. The few I have known who did were considered a-holes. From my point of view they just had standards in a world where “going along to get along” is considered some kind of pre-requisite for normalcy.

If you want things done a certain way you have to insist. Sometimes forcefully, and often. Being able to do that with a saintly demeanor may be a good thing, but it just doesn’t come in the set usually. Accomplishments out-live the bad feelings left behind. You know, otherwise we would still be living in the trees and screeching at each other.


You say that as if it weren’t a pitiful rationalization of the behavior of a thief and a bully.


Bully-schmully. Here I was looking for a nuanced discussion of what makes up someone who gets shit done and you trot out the old “thief” bullshit. Do you know what you are talking about? I don’t think so.

Has it ever occurred to you that in a field that is so competitive there is a lot of BS propagated to try to win a little market share back? It just isn’t as black and white as you would like to believe.

As I said and you failed to really respond to; every successful person I have ever met is equal parts genius and ass-hole. You want a pretty world full of happy people. That’s nice. Progress is not easy and it isn’t accomplished by being nice to recalcitrant co-workers that would rather not work that hard. That is just a fact of life.

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Agreed. I just prefer the Stallman and Torvalds of the world rather than the lock everyone and abuse them types like Jobs. The modern computing environment rests on the backs of people working over the past 50 years mostly out of the limelight. Jobs was just great at taking advantage of these open systems and building a pocket-universe inside it. I am also not so sure that Jobs really had a unique vision beyond making bank off this stuff. I will laugh when we see the same types of stories in 25 years about Kalanick, the Uber CEO. Who will be the sainted visionary of the coming internet of things?

All glory to those who patch the kernel!!

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Was that before or after he abandoned his daughter?

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1 byte is one character
1 kilobyte is 2^10 characters-- roughly a page.
1 megabyte is 2^20 characters-- roughly a book
1 gigabyte is 2^30 characters–roughly 1000 books-- a whole shelf
1 terabyte is 2^40 characters-- roughly a million books-- a whole library…,

Very long shelf you’ve got there. Also, I seem to recall from my Apple II days that a page was 2k.

By the way, this book is printed with a proprietary ink, that can only been seen while wearing the new $699 iGlasses. And when the iGlasses 2 comes out, you’ll have to buy the book again, because they’re not backwards compatible. And don’t miss the new Apple commercials, where they imply that they invented the printed book.


Not a lot of love for the of’ Jobs in this room. But look around you and see who won.


I’m only gonna be scrappy about this one…The dude that refused chemo for a curable cancer didn’t win.

He helped along a company that became rich. He didn’t win.

He encouraged thousands of people to work insane hours for throwaway tech. He didn’t win.

I am not positing that jerks can’t be brilliant. But Jobs didn’t win by any measure.


No, he definitely won.

I agree the way he treated his cancer was (almost literally) insane and caused his death.

But the vision Jobs had, the way to build and sell a computer, was unquestionably correct. I mean, shit, Apple is the richest company in the world, isn’t it? And they did it by actually selling great products. Hell, they even got me to switch to iOS after I swore I’d be Apple // 4 lyfe.

Doesn’t mean he was a good person – the stories, the Lisa (daughter, not the computer) thing, the fact that he palled around with Larry Ellison, who is basically a demon incarnate, were all signs of that. But in the end, he won. His vision was the correct one.

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What the hell is wrong with you?

No, the real people with courage are the leaders with the charisma to change the world, but not for the own benefit of their fucking wallet, but the benefit of society!

OK…let’s see, can we name any…?

EDIT: A top Google image hit for “altruistic leaders”:

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I think Unix/Linux won given that all of these devices are running them in some form. It was the open computing vision from that computing culture that made the current world possible. Jobs and Apple make throw away tech built on top of decades worth of code optimized for a specific set of hardware. I say this as I type on a chromebook that replaced the iPad which sucked after an iOS update. Pretty sure that unix and linux have won the day since apple and google (and many others) are building consumer systems on those open platforms.

Apple may be rich, but the numbers say that Unix is probably the real winner in terms of current installs and shaping the future computing environment. Just because a company can convince people with lots of expendable income to spend it on their shiny objects with huge mark-up does not make their CEO a visionary leader. It makes them a good salesman. Doubly so because of the apple lock-in effect to capture consumers. Good enough computing in nice little boxes with a cultish aura = piles of cash.

Oh, and Windows still somehow rules the desktop, but I doubt that the margins on Windows are as good as iPhones.

And I would say of the two personal computing personalities - Gates and Jobs - that Gates is easily winning. He used similar tactics to get to the top of the PC world, cashed out, and is now in the Carnegie charity phase of extreme wealth. Gates and Elon Musk are two people who will probably cast longer shadows than Steve Jobs in 20 years (if they don’t already).

I suppose it is how you measure “winning” to say that Jobs won. He definitely had great success, but Apple is still raking in the dough with Tim Cook.