Time's Edge (The Chronos Files Book 2)


Does no one properly say "couldN’T care less anymore?

TY! Fixed.

I am devouring this too, not wanting to wait I am reading it on a tablet. Unfortunately the color tablet(a gift to my wife, yoink!) is getting eye strain’y.
Agree with @jlw, hard to not burst through after finishing #1 thanks for the lead!

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I always assumed that ‘could care less’ is meant to be /s, I’ve only heard USians say it.

What gets me is when people mix up ‘to no extent’ and ‘to no small extent’.

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Buy a Kindle Voyage. If you love your eyes, it is worth the extra. I really thought the Paperwhite2 was PERFECT but the Voyage is better. If you read more than 1 hour a day, I think the screen is worth it.

Make sure you read Time’s Echo. It’s billed as Chronos Files Book 1.5. http://www.amazon.com/Times-Echo-CHRONOS-Novella-Chronos-ebook/dp/B00JY0FOUS

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Totally worth every penny, and I don’t regret at all having upgraded to it from the original Paperwhite.

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