Timothy Leary vintage wristwatch on eBay

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9:00 is as far as I would go.


Wait a sec. Aren’t “meth” (10 pm) and “speed” (11 pm) the same thing?

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I don’t think MDMA was common in 1970 when this watch was made. And “4:20” was coined in 1971.

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Was this manufactured by the Sackler Watch Company?

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    funny how the case is suggestive of Patek Phillipe, among the highest of high-class horology; while the dial is, from a design perspective, a chaotic jumble of trying to squeeze 2 illustrations, 12 drug references, and 3 typefaces onto a space about the size of a quarter – amatuerish in the extreme. Any cool points (and it is pretty cool) are erased by negative style points, IMO.

also, what the hell is UPS?


Probably not. Then it would just be all opioids and the drugs to get you of off opioids…

Well it gets its coolpoints back nowadays for its rarity and for being so extremely specific.
But yeah, the dial’s design is nightmarish.


UPS are amphetamines. But why is young Arnold Schwarzenegger/Strong on the dial and not ROIDS?

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“UPS” is presumably uppers, stimulants, vs “DOWNS,” or soporifics, at the 6:00 position.

And who knew there was a live market for Leary memorabilia? “Legend of a Mind” by the Moody Blues was always enough for me.

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