Fancy frankenwatch combines analog timepiece and Apple Watch

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“…the 18k gold Sunrise edition, at $112,000, is obviously the one to get.”

Yep, when you’re going for douche bag, go big and shouty or go home.


I believe @beschizza and @jlw have already discussed this fine product.


I’m holding out until someone makes a strap that is simply a connector for two apple watches, this way my wrist will have a super-watch-arm-band of at least four or five apple watches on it.

I would also make a matching apple watch belt.

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Product name: iNavelGaze


This is SO classy!

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The claim that the movement is a “NG2824A”, which seems to be an in-house name.

I’ll bet, as is really common, that it’s a modified/upgraded version of the ETA 2824, listing at $210:

And it’s only that expensive because the ETA group has decided to stop selling these movements to small watchmakers like this (ETA owns a number of competing brands, but rumor has it that it was the high-quality rolex knockoffs with these quality movements that pushed them over the edge).

But for $10k or $100k, I would expect an in-house made movement instead. For example, this Nomos at $4k:


As much as I admire the Swiss gnome craftsmanship of teeny gears; if ‘duct tape a smart watch to it’ is the best they can come up with, the advent of silicon is going to be about as fun as the advent of Quartz.(moderated by the fact that only the oh-so-proletarian Pebble actually seems to be of any use as yet)

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ETA calibers are quite good though. Even pricier watchmakers like Panerai use it.

Coincidentally I’m going to get me a Nomos Tangente next week (in-house nomos alpha caliber, no swing system for the Tangente yet :cry:) and while researching prices I was stunned by the price difference between US resellers and the price in Germany/EU. Similar price gouging (30+% price increase) I’m used to from US companies selling products in Europe (Apple, MS, Netflix) but now the other way round.

Tasteless flashy design btw. If you want to impress others buy something even more visible - a car perhaps.

Oh, yes, they’re good… too good!

Congrats on the Nomos!

That is breathtakingly ugly.

Go for the gold.

By this time next year it will be a very expensive analog watch tied to a garish, obsolete piece of tech.

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