Tiny custom "iMac"

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Video link for the BBS


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Hmmm… this looks familiar


This is a really cool idea.

Cutting through those port connectors really triggered me, though… Has dude never heard of unsoldering? I mean, the USB ports are one thing, since he would need to replace them with single height (or even better, remote them with a modded leftover USB case header) USB ports, but leaving half a Ethernet port on your board that you cut with a Dremel? That isn’t asking for problems with having randomly terminated signal, power, shield, and ground lines… at least cut the port off all the way…


They really improved the user interface since then.

I would have gone the desoldering route too, but top marks to Michael for lateral thinking and a bit of moxie - chop it up with a dremel! I’m amazed it works - I wouldn’t have had the courage to carve up a RasPi 4 like that, they aren’t that cheap - at least in Australia.

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I just checked the Australian Raspi reseller… Nargh, you all are getting hit with stupid expensive tariffs or something (like shipping or license fees); badly. The Zeros aren’t too bad ($5US/$7AUD vs $9.50AUD, W $10US/$14AUD vs $20 AUD), but the 3s are ridiculous stupid ($20US/$28AUD for a 3B+ vs $72AUD) and a 4gb 4B+ is $50US/$69AUD vs $102AUD. (Comparing against in-store cash and carry prices at Microcenter) (Yes, I happen to have a store that carries them 20 minutes from my house… :slight_smile: )

I’d offer to transship for you, but personal shipping to AU from the US is crazy; you’d probably pay just as much in shipping as the price difference. (I have a friend who moved to Australia a few years ago; he still has a few boxes of stuff in my house awaiting an empty return suitcase…)

(Edited to clarify: something is driving up the price, my guess is not the local Pi distributor.)

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“I’m a Mac person so god forbid you have a wire coming out of your computer.”


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