Tiny fluffball dog teaches working ranch dog pups how to herd sheep

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He’s fallen in with the wrong crowd - kelpies.


that is the ultimate unicorn chaser.


That’ll do, fluff. That’ll do.


What is the sheep supposed to do? At first I thought it was supposed to go through the gate, but no, the dogs are just chasing it around the pen. Obviously the people know something about sheep, but this seems like a poor practice.


While I’m at it, “ranch”? I know, we use the language of the American hegemony here and all that, but sheep farms in Australia are called farms (actually a lot in the south-east, as this looks to be - are mixed use with cattle and cropping as well), or the really large ones are stations - although that’s more commonly applied to your outback cattle properties. Nothing gets called a ranch.


Says you, mate.


Topped with melted Monterey Jack, Cheddar, chopped bacon and served with a spicy ranch dressing.


the sheep looks like it’s thinkin’ "WTF? How is that piece of wool chasing me? It’s ALIVE! "


I kept waiting for the pups to transform into teeny tiny carnivorous, amphibious horses and carry the sheep away. Or Percy. Or the camera-wielder.


Cute video. But the sheep keeps looking to the cackling idiots for help


Those are puppies. They’re teaching them to chase sheep around.


Yea, and now I am afraid to look at any news sites.

You know that those outback restaurants are in no way actually Australian, right?

I understand that farm sheep need to get herded by dogs and whatnot for their own safety - but that sheep is just scared and all those people are just laughing about it. That fluff dog is not safe in there but they all think it’s just hilarious as long as it’s the sheep that’s under duress.

How would they react if that sheep, with its tough head and hoofs, got really scared and instead of flight it went for fight - and reacted like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaPJp9KmmFI (go to 1:05 for the disturbing deer-on-dog aggression - and it doesn’t put up with the cat at the end either)

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There’s always one isn’t there?


He knows.

The sheep looks more wary and irritated than genuinely terrified. If it thought it was locked in a cage with three deadly predators, it would not be trotting 15 feet away and then pausing for a look around.

You have to train sheepdogs somehow. If this method of training was likely to lead to to berserk sheep and dead sheepdogs, it would probably have been revised some time in the last ten thousand years.


The unicorn not only gets chased, it gets herded into a pen.

I missed the Pleasanton Highland Games this weekend (it’s just too hot), but thanks for supplying my sheepdog trial fix!

Just checkin’!

Ha. Yep. My comment was kinda forcing-a-bummer on the situation.
I think the laughter on the vid was just too over the top for me and I got a bit pissy.